Web Retool strives to create open and committed relationships with all of our clients. Our team will work with you in a collaborative and close manner through the initial stages of the project to establish a common vocabulary, a common vision, and an overall detailed project plan. The team will then focus on specific, agreed upon deliverables with fixed times for completion.

1. The web design process starts with a brainstorming and planning session between you and the Web Retool team. We will help you decide upon strategy, design concept, sitemap, and desired content. When this plan is fully developed, we will give you a price quote to complete the job.

2. Once the contract is signed, we will create several design mock-ups based on the agreed upon design concept. We strive to create standout designs that are both professional and representative of your company's unique personality. We happily incorporate your own branding, or work with you to create it. This process generally takes one to two weeks.

3. After we have worked out and agreed upon the design specifics, we will write the code, format the images, create the Flash videos, and build the underlying framework for your website. All of Web Retool's sites are web standards complient, search engine friendly, and functional in all major browsers. This process generally takes two to three weeks.

4. The final step in the design process is troublshooting. Web Retool will extensively test your website in all popular browsers for errors, and we will provide you links to do the same. Usually, this takes about a week to perfect.

Voila! After about a month, you have a custom designed and branded website for your business!


Web Retool prices jobs based on size and complexity. Once we have an idea of what you want, we can give you a general price range, and work with you to make your business plan match the cost of a custom site.