10 Reasons A KW Agent Needs An Agent Ready Website

  1. Control Your Listings:
    Agent Ready Sites allow you to add whatever listings you want or don't want through the Listing Manager feature. Add as much info or as little as you want - a great tool for promoting pocket listings. KW Agent websites don't allow you to add your own listings - your listings are automatically taken from the local MLS or KWLS data. If you are co-listing a property and you are listing as Agent 2 or you are a commercial agent that doesn't list on the MLS, then you are out of luck with the KW agent sites. Agent Ready sites allow both the automatic IDX feed from the local MLS and an agent controlled Listing Manager for maximum listing promotion.
  2. Showcase Your Listings:
    Agent Ready sites put your featured listing in a prominent location on your home page. You control what listing is featured, what photo and text is displayed, and how often it changes. KW Agent sites have a featured property function but it pulls data from the KWLS/MLS, so you have the same problems as noted above. Also, KW does not give you any control over what info is showcased on the home page featured property. Agent Ready sites give you the power to get your listings noticed.
  3. Enhance Your Image:
    Agent Ready sites feature a unique selection of template designs created by professional web designers utilizing the latest technologies and website trends. Agent Ready designs are highly customizable, can easily incorporate your existing branding, and give you a image boost that will make you stand out from the crowd. KW Agent sites have a selection of designs that has been around for years and is used by tens of thousands of agents across the US and Canada. To make your KW site unique you will need to hire a web designer or have exceptional technical and artistic skills, as well as lots of time. Agent Ready sites give you a great looking site in a short period of time.
  4. Control Your Future:
    Agent Ready sites are controlled by you no matter what brokerage you are affiliated with. As long as you pay your monthly hosting fee, you can changes companies, change specialties, or even change professions, and your Agent Ready site can be adapted for your new environment. KW Agent sites are disabled once you leave Keller Williams Realty and you will have to start over from scratch at your new company. Agent Ready sites keep your marketing and goodwill intact no matter what the future holds.
  5. Email @ YourDomain.com:
    Agent Ready Sites includes 5 free email address at yourdomain.com. You will have a unique and easy to remember email address that promotes your website address with every email sent. If you have a team, then everyone will have an email address with the same domain which will build brand awareness and consistency. KW Agents sites provide email @ kw.com only which helps promote the Keller Williams brand but not yours. Also, if you have a common name you may find your first choice for email address is already taken. Agent Ready sites have the added value of premium email with no additional cost to you.
  6. Free Domain Name:
    Get a free domain name with the purchase of any Agent Ready Website. Domain Name Registrars usually charge $10 to $35 per year for domain name registration. In addition, forwarding or transferring a domain name can be incredibly tedious if you do-it-yourself through a 3rd party registrar. All the domain name headaches are taken care of by us during the Agent Ready set up process. KW Agent sites do not include a domain name. You are given a subdomain of http://yourname.yourkwagent.com and directed to the KW affiliate account at GoDaddy to purchase a domain name on your own. Agent Ready sites save you money and time while registering your catchy domain name.
  7. Friendly Support:
    Agent Ready sites have unlimited support. You will have direct communication with our Southern California headquarters. We are always available to help you create new pages, crop/optimize images, etc. KW Agent sites offer large instruction manuals and support@kw.com which may be time consuming and frustrating. Agent Ready sites are produced by Web Retool which specializes in real estate websites and marketing. We know your business and we know how to quickly solve your problems.
  8. Loads of Free Content:
    Agent Ready sites come with a library of articles for buyers, sellers, financing, green/environmental, and commercial real estate. You choose which content is appropriate for your business and we will set up the articles in the correct section for you. KW Agent sites have buyer and seller resources articles only. The links are preloaded whether they are relevant to your business or not. Agent Ready sites get you started with interesting content tailored to your business.
  9. Photo Storage:
    Agent Ready sites allow an unlimited amount of photos to be uploaded and stored. KW Agent sites restrict you to only 50 photos. Agent Ready sites have the power to process as many images as you need to market your properties.
  10. Upgrades & Optional Features:
    Agent Ready websites have the ability to grow with your business and the latest technological developments. If you want to add animation, a slideshow, video, a database driven Branded Blog, or tons of new web apps, then your Agent Ready site is capable of handling it. KW Agent sites don't allow user controlled animation, video, or branded blogs to be incorporated. KW.com controls the "backend" of your website which limits your ability to add 3rd party applications to your site. Agent Ready sites are ready to grow and adapt with your needs and the latest technologies.