How do you want to live?

This is much more than a phrase to me. Buying a house is not only a financial investment, it is an emotional investment. What is the purpose of your purchase? Will you live here? Raise your kids in this house? Use a bedroom door to mark the growth of your child as they grow from toddler to adolescent and beyond. Will you throw dinner parties and gather with friends and family at holidays or just to catch up? Will you sit on the edge of your seat on a Sunday afternoon with 50 seconds left on the clock and does your quarterback have one ‘Hail Mary’ left in him to take your team to victory?

And when it’s time to sell, will you look back at the memories you’ve made in this home? Have your needs changed? Have you outgrown this house and need something bigger or have you decided that you need something smaller or more manageable? You no longer want to do yard work and like the idea that with one phone call, management will take care of all of your needs in a condominium.

Maybe you’re looking to increase your wealth by adding real estate to your portfolio or maybe you’re looking for a second home, you want to be closer to the back nine or write the great American novel while you are sipping coffee, standing on your deck, overlooking the ocean. How do you want to live?